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Have A Healthy And Happy 2016

Every year is a new adventure, from our first years when everything is new and exciting to our later years when we really begin to see the bigger picture of life. One particular Western tradition is that of the New Year’s resolution, when millions of people across the world decide to make one or more changes in their lives for the better. Sometimes, this is a new habit such as exercising daily or a long term goal such as weight loss. Other times it’s a concentrated effort to change one’s life. However, some New Year’s resolutions can ensure that everybody who tries them will be healthier and happier over the course of the next twelve months. Here then are some tips for a healthier and happier 2016.

No More Fast Food

Fast food is full of fat and calories that contribute to unhealthy weight gain and with it risk for heart disease and other problems, a widely known fact. But fast food also contains obscene amounts of sodium that, when taken with any sort of regularity, can easily affect a person’s mood for the worse, leading to tension and unnecessary stress. Replacing fast food with something simple yet filling such as a healthy sandwich or bowl of oatmeal and fruit allows for the same mobility as eating on the go, while helping you feel so much better.

Take Up the Arts

As any psychiatrist can tell you, creative workings can be very therapeutic to those engage in them regularly. Further, learning and perfecting a new skill can lead to improved confidence in the learner, which improves lives in general. So take up a new skill. This could be something practical such as cooking (which can help you lose weight and save money) or knitting. Perhaps something more traditional such as drawing or a musical instrument is more your style. For those who want something a bit more intense, studying any martial art is a great way to get exercise and feel better about yourself. And, if you resolve to practice this skill daily for a year, the results will astound you.

Drink More Water

Drinking fresh water can have amazing effects on the human body. While there is such a thing as too much of the stuff, a diet rich with fresh water can clear your complexion, increase your energy levels and curb your appetite, leading to weight loss and its attendant health benefits. It can also purge various toxins from your body, ranging from excessive sodium to bad cheese.

Get More Fiber

As with water, it is entirely possible to go overboard on this one. On the other hand, most modern diets are somewhat lacking fiber and its beginning to show in an increasing number of health problems in modern society. So get more rough plant matter in your diet. Fruits and vegetables and the vitamins they contain are always popular, as is unrefined grains, particularly oatmeal, which can be a very filling meal, as a diet rich in protein and fiber can curb your appetite greatly, again a great way to lose weight. And, when you’re not hungry, you feel so much better.

Regular Dental Hygiene

It sounds like a no-brainer to take care of your teeth, but far, far too many people neglect their oral and dental health, which has a great many long term ramifications. In addition to the cost of serious dental procedures, there’s also a great deal of stress resulting from making the arrangements to get those procedures done, as well as preventing the pain that follows all serious dental work. And, in a small way, the routine of cleaning one’s teeth daily can provide a comfortable routine after a day when it seems everything is out of control.

Good luck in your health and happiness in this year.

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