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Welcome to Fox Valley Imaging Center.  Almost fourteen years ago, I started my journey into the medical imaging field.  As a Chemical engineer, I was fascinated with the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), and all it’s uses.

My first job out of college involved working with the NMR at Abbott Labs.  I was responsible for the evaluation and analysis of organic samples gathered from different projects in the research and development department referred to as PPD.  I worked under a super smart intellectual Chemist/Biochemist Dr. James McAlpine from Australia.  He was the head of a large research department at Abbott, and had every right to be delegating all work, (especially the kind I was involved in) and enjoying the golf course, instead he spent time with me weekly going over NMR charts and teaching me how to analyze those complex frequency peaks and interpreting the data.  I look back with fond memories of those times.  As life has it’s funny twist and turns, I found myself years later working with the same technology accept this time I was not analyzing chemicals but actual people.

I have enjoyed working in the field of medicine tremendously.  I believe that life is a learning journey, and we learn best when we listen to our patients and help them discover their path to health and happiness.  I have spent the last fourteen years meeting people that come in to our center and getting to know them.  That is the most fulfilling part of my work.  I have had the privilege to work with some of the finest doctors in this area and consider many of them as close friends.

In collaboration with several local doctors, we have started an educational symposium that meets in our facility once a month for the single purpose of educating the public in the field of health-care.  I will post notices in advance of the next symposium for any who are interested.  Our goal is to empower individuals through education and access to resources that will improve their overall quality of life.

I hope you will check again in a week or so for my next blog.  If you have any questions regarding the branch of radiology please send them to my attention and I will work hard to find you answers.

Best of health,

Dan Daghfal

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