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Tis the season for medical deductibles to be used

health-savings-accountMany people have reached their insurance medical deductibles for the year, which means they can receive healthcare at a much lower out of pocket cost. For many people, the end of the year is the best time to take care of healthcare issues that have been lingering.

The sore back, the hurting knee, achy neck that patients try to ignore should be checked out before 2014 if you want to save money. This is because many people have reached their insurance deductibles for this year, which means they can receive healthcare at a much lower out of pocket cost.

For many people, insurance deductibles reset at the beginning of the calendar year. If a deductible has been reached for 2013, now is the time to schedule any imaging services. It will cost them much less out of pocket if they do this now instead of waiting until next year.

In addition, health savings accounts (HSAs) do not roll over in many instances. For individuals that utilize these accounts, money not used in 2013 will not be available for use in 2014. Many patients this time of year take advantage of HSA funds before the money is lost.

Fox Valley Imaging is a freestanding facility where our services often cost far less than our local competitors. Call us at (630) 416-1300 to schedule a diagnostic test today.

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